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We Won! 2016 Great Canadian Sausage Competition

Sausage Comp

We admit we haven’t put much time into building this website but that is because we have been in the kitchen. We like to make sausage and are not necessarily fond of computer time. However, this news is too good not to share with everyone.

This is our inaugural year of sausage making although the family heritage is several decades long. Coming upon the end of our first year, we decided to enter the competition.  Of the various categories within which to compete, we entered three and we placed in all three!


So the photo isn’t that great – it’s an iPhone so it is what it is.

The top left photo is our signature Big Red Chorizo and we entered it the Mexican Style Chorizo category. We took third place!

Bottom right photo is our Canadian Venison Jager  Рwe entered it in Dry Cured Link Sausage (any ethnicity) category and again won third place.

The remaining two photos are our delicious bratwurst sausage – The Big Onion and The Brat – which we entered in the German Style Bratwurst category – and guess what? We won third place in that too (although we haven’t yet received our report card so we aren’t sure which bratwurst won – but who cares – they are both delicious.

But, hey, don’t take our word for it! We’re just a couple of really picky carnivores who like good food so we make it ourselves.


Check out the results yourself – GREAT CANADIAN SAUSAGE COMPETITION 2016 WINNERS

So if you want to order some of our AWARD WINNING MEAT – drop us a line and we will hook you up!